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To Panel Newcomers and Veterans!

Whoever hasn't had the chance yet to visit us in Tudela and see first-hand the many possibilities offered by this research and development centre will have their curiosity satisfied: with this newsletter we wish to introduce who we are and what we do, since we strongly believe that ce|de|pa can give a decisive contribution to the success of new-approachers to the insulation panel industry, as well as to veterans who desire to progress and experiment with new technologies.

We will show you the projects developed, the results achieved and the huge potential of this extraordinary and unique 4000 m2 "laboratory" where the excellence of chemistry and mechanics merge with the goal of providing innovative and efficient solutions to demanding customers who want something more.

Less than two years after its inauguration, ce|de|pa has already a long history of successes: in the upcoming editions we will share with you the experience of those who have opted to make use of this valuable tool and harness its great potential.

So, stay tuned!

Best regards

Walter Pozzi & Javier Carnicer
on behalf of the ce|de|pa Team

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