What we do

We develop innovative solutions and we validate results
We Team up
We Test & Prototype
We train
We guarantee confidentiality

We Team Up

We team up to develop with you tailored and innovative integrated solutions. We put at your service our highly skilled sandwich panel experts in chemicals, machinery and engineering.

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We Test & Prototype

Thanks to our complete industrial-scale continuous production line and internal laboratory we can help you launch start-up trials reproducing all phases of the industrial production process without having to stop own production line. You can design small production batches to validate your results, for approvals and pre-certification processes.
We guarantee you will be acting in total confidentiality.

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We Train

Customers of ce|de|pa benefit from a free modern center fully equipped for training and educational activities. Thanks to ce|de|pa it is now possible to train operators on a real production line without having to interrupt own production process.

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