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How many operators do you need for smoothly running a huge sandwich panel line?

One or one Hundred?

Again, we are happy to find you an answer at ce|de|pa, the unique center for the development of continuous sandwich panel production.

Actually, the number of operators to run a standard test in ce|de|pa is three!

Since a test run is always characterized by frequent starts and stops, in order to achieve this goal while working in complete safety, custom tailored solutions had to be studied and implemented.

From the left: Maurizio Tommarelli, Technical Director, Florin Coloji, assigned to the line; Jose Maria Cornago Serrano, assigned to the line, Jose Saez Mancho, assigned to the line and Laboratory Technician.


The automatic sheet introduction as well as a very stable roll forming make sure that one operator can change the coils and monitor the roll forming section. The line configuration includes a constantly monitoring camera system with up to 16 cameras which allow the operators to always being informed about the overall situation of the line.

…Two …

The foam front is constantly monitored by a camera and a distance measuring device. All this information combined with a stable gasket and tape introduction gives the operator enough freedom to manage the whole process without constantly being present inside the foaming area, working so in perfect compliance with health and safety regulations.


With the introduction of the cutting lists from the office the operator on the cutting and handling unit can concentrate on the monitoring of the production. In addition, the panel marking system ensures along with the traceability of the products also a low labor impact for the operators on the identification of the panels.

The above mentioned features have been included in a highly automated line at a Polish customer of SAIP who now benefits from the solutions tested in ce|de|pa.

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