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One of the leading Georgian industrial construction companies – about to produce sandwich panels – directly experiences how this kind of process works and what it involves.

JSC PANEX is one of the leading industrial construction companies in Georgia: they operate mainly in design, construction, project management and equipment of industrial buildings and provide customers with all components of industrial construction, from designing up to building material and industrial floors. JSC provides also projects on a “Turn-Key” condition. Innovation and efficiency needs have moved the company towards the choice of equipping itself with a sandwich panel production line. The project involves a relevant Georgian financial investment fund interested in the building and construction sector that has been growing very fast over the last years and has led to an increased demand in energy-efficient construction materials.

State-of-the-art machinery for polyurethane panel production

The line designed by Saip for JSC PANEX is going to produce wall and roof panels with PUR/PIR core – class B2/B3, with different densities, thickness of 150 mm max and length varying from 2.000 to 15.000 mm. The material tests were mainly conducted with Dow’s VORACOR CM 830 polyurethane systems. The production speed can be as high as 15 meters /min. The line is equipped with an electrical control system. The management and control is assigned to a number of interconnected PCs installed along the line. Remote assistance is provided as a standard.

Members of JSC’s board have been invited to ce|de|pa where a 150 meters long production line is fully dedicated to any prototyping, testing and development activity, to accelerate the development of novel solutions for manufacturing polyurethane-made panels.

The JSC delegation could live observe how a real continuous production line works and experience the several opportunities and support offered by the ce|de|pa panel development center. All those factors can make a difference in the development of a sustainable and profitable business.

The following aspects in ce|de|pa were mainly appreciated by the audience:

  • the high automation level of the line
  • its flexibility, which enables the line to produce panels of different sizes, formats and performances
  • products performance tests available
  • the wide possibilities of trials and trainings available
  • the support/assistance offered to the user

“ce|de|pa has been one of the decisive elements in the customer’s choice,” says Ing. Ronald Rast, Technical Director at Saip, who is in charge for the JSC Project. “As most of people know, to see a plant in operation is very important but often difficult. ce|de|pa offers this strategic chance along with other possibilities that make the choice of investing in new technologies safer and more profitable.”

Do you want to see a sandwich panel continuous production line in operation? Do you want to test new formulations ? Come to ce|de|pa! More about ce|de|pa at :

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