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One of the most dynamic and market-oriented companies in Europe, the Spanish Metalpanel, joins the list of those who has visited CEDEPA, confirming the R&D center as the point of reference for innovation of DBL market leaders.

Metalpanel is one of the European DBL market leaders. The production plant and the headquarters are based near Toledo (ES) while sales offices are spread throughout Spain and other European countries, as well as in Africa, Middle East, Central and South America.

The company designs and builds cladding panels, mainly for facades, roofs and freezers which find application in the construction of industrial buildings, agricultural facilities, offices, housing and in cold chain, among others. According to application and final result required, panels can be either finished with steel, aluminum, copper, wood imitation and corten-steel. Metalpanel panels stand out for high level aesthetics and great functionality.

The factory is installed on a 100,000m2 area and has a production capacity which today reaches daily production volumes up to 18,000 m2, causing the factory can count on a significant competitive advantage in terms of meeting the demand and the delivery terms.

Adrian Navarro, CEO of Hierros y Transformados group, Metalpanel s.a. tells us how they have known cedepa and how it has influenced their project of buying a new production line.

drian Navarro: “ Metalpanel is currently a company with an international presence, with sales in 46 countries and a turnover of 58 million Euros per year. We produce 4 million m2 and have 4 continuous sandwich panel manufacturing lines, three of them for panels with polyurethane core and one of them for panels with rock wool core. The factory uses 7000tm of polyurethane each year and processes 26,000 tons of steel. Our team of 110 people has international projection, global vocation and strong presence in cold chain as well as in construction. In Metalpanel we have always been clear our vocation of service and reinvestment in machinery that diversify product and provide value to the market of industrial enclosures. We follow the philosophy of constant improvement. That’s why we approached CEDEPA. It allowed us to see and know first-hand a continuous line working. CEDEPA was for us the occasion to learn, being able to study an installed line into depth. Also, it was useful to confirm level of skills and know-how of CEDEPA two partners, SAIP and DOW, convincing us that SAIP would have been the right partner for our project of expanding our capacities with a new production line and developing new sandwich panels.”

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