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The testing phase was conducted by the use of the on-site industrial-scale continuous production line and the modern laboratory instruments.

STEADMANS is the UK steel cladding specialist, the leading company manufacturing building materials for the agricultural and steel building sectors. STEADMANS has been operating for more than 100 years and specializes in the production of cladding panels, roof sheeting and cold-rolled structural products.

The company approached CEDEPA because they intended to upgrade their existing product line with the addition of a wall panel capability. The new line was designed and developed by SAIP according to the customer’s technical specification and needs, in order to be able to produce not only standard but also longer-length sandwich panels.

STEADMANS conducted trials and tests in CEDEPA (, SAIP and DOW R&D centre, specifically conceived to innovate sandwich panel, based in Spain. STEADMANS engineers were able to make foaming and dimensional tests using the on-site industrial-scale continuous production line and to avail of the modern laboratory instruments.

Thanks to the just-in-time change of roll forming on the line, they could perform the testing phase by using exactly the same panel profile. Results were validated and the new wall panel was ready to be launched. More information about Steadmans line:

A newly conceived wall panel now in production

High automation level of the metal sheet joining system

CEDEPA, the foaming section

CEDEPA, side trimming unit

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