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In addition to the traditional continuous production for the market area of PU sandwich panels for industrial buildings and storage halls, the production of doors for domestic and industrial uses are representing a significant share of the market.

Typical of this application are the high standards in:

  • design
  • aesthetics
  • and, last but not least, high mechanical product properties of the final panels.

In addition, the industry calls, compared to the usual sandwich panel production, for high line speeds with short residence times in the pressured controlled part of the line, with very close tolerances in the geometry of the final product. As a leader in the sandwich panels industry, both partners (SAIP as a supplier of machinery and Dow Chemical as PU raw material suppliers) have launched a program in ce|de|pa as of first of January 2013, which allows also for industrial door production optimal product and process developments.

Panels with different dimensions, can be produced with different machine elements and chemical components or formulations in examined and evaluated typical production conditions.

With various lay-down technology options, the chemical components can be distributed in the optimized process to optimally fill the various panel design under the best conditions.

With the test laboratory in place in ce|de|pa, the mechanical properties of the finished board can be determined immediately after production.

Customers / producers have been already invited to ce|de|pa to learn more about latest new developments, or to test their own new design on a full scale sandwich panel line (135 m length) before the final investment decision for a new equipment or production line has been taken.

New customer brought their teams to ce|de|pa for training session to be able to run their future production right from the beginning with lowest risk for high scrap rates.

But, there’s much more…

So, stay tuned!

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