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ce|de|pa panel development site serving as effective training center for flex- and rigid-faced panel production including control mechanisms.

One of the most successful trainings conducted at ce|de|pa was for a Chinese producer of insulation boards that had sent three of his employees at the line to Italy and to Spain specifically for a two-week training session in early 2013.

5 Times Faster Lines

The customer had just bought a SAIP high-speed lamination line for the production of insulating boards with flexible facing using VORACORTM CL polyurethane (PUR) and VORATHERMTM polyisocyanurate (PIR) systems from Dow. The flexible-faced panels should mainly be used in residential construction building and external wall insulation and represent a completely new technology in China. As it is critical to share experience, the technology transfer and production guidance was closely realized with Dow and SAIP teams in Europe utilizing the ce|de|pa development center.

The Chinese customer reckoned the added value of the ce|de|pa training opportunity in terms of optimizing his investment, as he could test the performance of machine and formulations live on site. The unique value proposition was that system and machine allow for 40 meter/min. production line speed as compared to the 6~8 meter/min. of conventional lines in China – which is 5 to 6 times faster.

Module at ce|de|pa

Actually, at ce|de|pa customers are given the opportunity to make trials using a real production line that is 130 meters long and adjustable to particular needs. Thus, ce|de|pa serves as a unique tool to understand how this new technology works, how to deal with possible problems on the line, involving ce|de|pa specialists directly at any time in any aspects.

The format of the on-site training is generally scheduled in two basic parts:

The Theoretic Session held by the ce|de|pa Production and Safety Manager covers the following topics: chemicals, correct use of the line, service to the line, safety in ce|de|pa.

The Practical Session includes the following topics: panel production on ce|de|pa line, critical points, working methods for efficiency optimization.

From Machine to WalktheTalk

The Chinese delegation started their “class” first in Italy at SAIP, where instructions were given by SAIP technician Mirco Scapinello on how their new line’s different sections (double belt pressconveyor, multi-components foaming unit, paper-decoilers, cutting unit and handling section) as well as its electric and electronic components function and are automated. Tests on the line were performed without chemicals.

Once in ce|de|pa, the Chinese delegation was trained on chemicals by Andreas Ottens, current ce|de|pa General Manager and Business Development Manager at Dow Formulated Systems, who took advantage of using WalktheTalk. This programme was created by ISOPA, the European Diisocyanate & Polyol Producers Association, for the PU Industry to train the safe use of aromatic diisocyanates and polyols which acknowledges all regulations affecting the chemical industry such as the new EU legislation or REACH (EC), etc. The theoretic sessions continued with information on safety in ce|de|pa, the correct use of the line and service to the line.

Live Demonstration Intensifies Learning

For the practical session, held by SAIP technician Mirco Scapinello, the ce|de|pa line was adapted to the customer’s configuration. Finally, the Chinese delegates could assist to areal continuous sandwich panel production line working and producing panels: a production cycle which represented almost 100% of the one they would have at home. The further step was to transfer the knowledge of running the process to the trainees.

The Chinese customer was really impressed by the easiness of the line management, the efficiency of procedures, the almost total absence of rejects, and above all by the immediate availability of results.

Meeting a Growing Demand

As a matter of fact, Chinese government is emphasizing energy-efficient construction in housing and other areas. The above mentioned polyurethane-based DBL foam panels are used for residential construction buildings and meet the critical insulation requirement for buildings. As construction insulation is a huge market in China with 2 billion square meters increase per year, the production speed is critical to manufacturers to meet the market needs. Within this framework and with this first customer success for high-speed lines in China, it is expected that this trend will increase.

Training Safe Behavior

The WalktheTalk programme of ISPOA is focused on industrial and professional use and highlights risks connected to unsafe behaviors which cause 80% of accidents.

Topics covered are:

  • Safe handling of MDI
  • Good personal hygiene
  • Clean and safe workplace
  • Handling Fresh PU Foam Procedure
  • Good workplace ventilation
  • Continuous use of the correct PPE
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment
  • Risk Management Measure
  • First Aid equipment
  • Emergency procedures: First aid MDI
  • Emergency procedures if exposure to MDI: Finding the emergency equipment, Dealing with a spillage of MDI, Emergency procedures: Fire.

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