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Panel Producer Became a Great Success.

In autumn, a delegation of Profholod, a renowned Russian sandwich panel and cold room manufacturer from Shelkovo, Moscow region, visited ce|de|pa in Tudela. The group consisted of two very experienced operators and the production manager who had followed the invitation to attend a customer-specific training on site. Since 2007, Profholod has been working with SAIP to produce foamed polyurethane sandwich panels with a length of up to 6 meters. Target of this training was to gain knowledge of special, optimized process settings and of the latest chemical developments as well as to gather practical experience of the PIR flex-faced technology (based on Dow VORACORTM systems) and an experimental system for high-index PIR panel production.

Learning by Doing

The training was led by Dr Katrin Koetting, energy efficiency expert at Dow in Germany, who was joined by co-trainer Dr Artem Klimenko from the Russian Systems House Dow Izolan. First, a presentation illustrated the technical background and the “layer” technology. Based on current technology in use at Profholod, the different process options were then demonstrated in practical training sessions by using ce|de|pa equipment in the testing hall. Daily production aspects as shown in live demonstration on the line were used to prove the positive or negative influence of the operator running the line.

Getting Prepared for the Future

Both, trainers and trainees had really productive training sessions and were clearly impressed by quality of the open discussion and the dialogue on the different topics. Mr Eduard Yarulin, technical manager at Profholod, was very content with the holistic view and the learning during this technical training. Specific details on processing and potential mistakes were actively addressed and discussed with the group.

The training was found especially helful as a new application could be tested that Profholod is looking at as additional business opportunity for future production.

On the ce|de|pa line could be demonstrated how to produce new material for flex-faced insulation boards and how tghis new technology needs to be handled from a processing standpoint.

Thanks to the positive demonstration during the ce|de|pa training, Profholod could already test this brand new developed material at the production site in Shelkovo a couple of weeks later.

Image 1:Trainers and trainees in ce|de|pa

Image 2:Profholod is localluy serviced by teh Dow-Izolan systems house in Vladimir, Russia

P.S. Besides the official part and as a special add-on, the visitors were introduced to the Spanish lifestyle and received a small tour around Tudela.

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